As an illustration of one of our base models, this live feed shows a real-time street viewing scene. The network is set to detect people, bicycles, cars, trucks, busses and more. The faces of detected people are blurred according to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It serves as a sneak preview of all possibilities AVUTEC’s AI video processing has to offer.


AVUTEC’s CortexFramework is a drop-in neural network platform for computer vision applications. The platform analyzes video data in real-time, regardless if it is hosted in the (Cortex)cloud, running on a local CortexServer NPU or at the edge in AVUTEC’s deep learning IoT visual sensor, the Gatekeeper. Results obtained from detection, tracking or classification are provided in a well-defined format, that enables an easy integration with any other system.

Base models

AVUTEC’s suite of base models enables detection of common objects like people, animals and vehicles, city landscape segmentation or human pose estimation. They can be deployed out of the box. A customized training process is only required to build tailor-made models, not currently existing on the market or in our AVUTEC deep learning network library. Please visit computer vison platform and AVUTEC consultancy for more information. Please feel free to call or email our sales department at or +31 (0) 88 4222 010. They will be pleased to provide more details, brochures or a demonstration of our possibilities.